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Distributed Algorithms

We focus on designing algorithms to improve dependability and performance of various distributed systems. In particular, we treat novel distributed systems such as self-stabilizing systems, mobile agents, mobile robots, and blockchains. We also conduct experiments with 150 Kilobots and 15 Kheperas.

VLSI Design and Test

In order to operate a large scale integrated circuit (LSI) composed of several tens of billions of transistors accurately for a long time, it is necessary to consider dependability in the design. Thus we are studying design methods, test methods, and statistical methods for modeling and analyzing the behavior of each transistor. Recently, we also conduct researches on counterfeited LSI detection and hardware Trojan detection to improve the trustability of the circuit itself, which is threatened by the complexity of the supply chain. Furthermore, we start researches on circuits with new materials, ReRAM and SiC. In any research theme, with the motto of "practical and empirical", we conduct researches in the same environment as the actual LSI design development through the utilization of data provided by collaboration companies and prototype design on FPGA and LSI.

Maximum Power Generation for PV Arrays

Photovoltaic Array (PV array) composed of a number of photovoltaic panels (PV panels) might reduce power generation capability due to mismatching of power generation among PV panels caused by faults, aging, or partial shading. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) can partially solve this problem, it might not achieve the maximum power generation. Our research group is tackling PV array reconfiguration for the maximum power generation.