Today’s information society is supported by various level of advanced technology such as applications, systems, computers and VLSIs. The Dependable System Laboratory is pursuing research on safe and secure systems including distributed systems with hundreds of computers and VLSIs with billions of transistors. “Dependability” is the concept from user’s point of view that we can use systems reliably and securely.

In order to realize dependable systems, we need to consider various aspects of the systems from user’s point of view. For example, all the systems are completely tested and the bad systems should not be shipped, the systems can work correctly in the presence of faults, the systems can predict and avoid system failure caused by transistor aging, and the system can handle the malicious users. This laboratory is pursuing research to improve dependability from various approaches.

The Dependable System Lab also provides the skills of theoretical thinking, presentation, design and analysis of algorithms, traditional C/C++ and Java programming, advanced multi-thread programming, and Verilog/VHDL hardware programming through the research.

Research Areas